Go Sailing

Discover the beautiful coastal line of Milos and its fantastic beaches, discover an exciting new way to spend your holidays.

Set sail aboard the “Mama Maria” of Excellent Yachting and have a great time!

Pump up the adrenalin. Go out on a day of pure sailing with the etesian northern wind in your sails.

Give yourself and to those you love a unique experience on the journey you desire under your captain’s instructions.

The people of Excellent Yachting Ltd are here to show you the beauties and secrets of our islands.

Knowing what you need to have an amazing time at the seas and islands of Greece, we offer services of the highest standard.

Our motto is “Imagine it, and leave the rest to us”. Aboard our yachts you will feel not as clients, but rather as guests.

Take advantage of our discount by booking now (*the discount is offered for bookings 3 days prior to the date of the excursion)


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Pollonia & Adamas, Milos, Cyclades, Greece 84800
+30 6982251638
+30 6975553786
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